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Do you have a good news story to share? Want to inspire someone who may be struggling? Then read on…
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We hope to feature regular ‘good news’ stories and would love to hear from YOU.

The last 12 months have been pretty bleak for all of us as we have lived through the Coronavirus pandemic. We have all had to adapt to new situations and learn how to do things differently.

Yet, through all this there have been wonderful examples of how people have coped with adversity by thinking differently and coming up with wonderful ideas about how they could overcome some of the obstacles they have faced.

Here at Healthwatch Stockton-on-Tees we want to hear about some of the creative ways in which people have dealt with the pandemic. These could be things that have made a difference to you personally or things that have helped to maintain the health and wellbeing of others.

There has been so much negativity that all the good things that you have been doing may have gone un-noticed. We want to SHOUT about the things you or your organisation have done that have made a real difference. We want to share your good ideas with others so that they too may be able to benefit from them.

We want to tell people YOUR story of what it has been like living through the last 12 months and what you have done that has helped you to get through it. As well as helping others and lifting spirits, as we all like to hear good news stories especially now, it will give you a chance to promote your service or organisation. 

If you would like to share your story, get in touch! You can also download an A5 flyer below which can be shared with friends, colleagues, networks, contacts, community groups and organisations.

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You can download our 'sharing good news stories' promotional flyer below to share with your contacts.

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