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Your spotlight on local services

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice and Information

Please be aware that the coronavirus situation is rapidly changing, so information and advice is continually being updated. Take advice from official sources only. 

We have listed below links to Coronavirus advice and updates from a range of both local and national organisations, plus information in a variety of formats. For the most trusted sources of up-to-date information go to:

 The Government website - Information on how to protect yourself and others, steps communities should be taking, and updates on UK cases
 The NHS website - Explaining the symptoms of coronavirus, how to avoid catching and spreading it, and advice for people at high risk

 Stockton Borough Council website - For local information, advice and support

 NHS 111 Symptom Checker - To access the NHS 111 on-line service for medical help

 SignHealth - For information translated into short, helpful videos using BSL

 Doctors of the World - For NHS advice and Goverment guidance in over 60 languages




Click HERE for the latest health advice, news and information in Stockton!

Have a complaint about an NHS service and live in Stockton?

The NHS works hard to treat everyone properly and promptly but things can go wrong or you may be unhappy. Live in Stockton and have a complaint about NHS services? Our free advocacy service can guide you.

E: SICA@pcp.uk.net

Freephone: 0808 1729553

Or click HERE for more information.